Welcome to Pearcecroft, the home of Stratford Upon Avon R.F.C. and, on Sunday mornings, of one of the best Mini & Junior Sections in the region.S-on-A RFC

Many of you have now had the chance to witness the hard work it takes to run and maintain the very successful Mini and Junior section. It is now, as we prepare for this year’s events, that I would like to take this chance of explaining what it will take from all of us to maintain this momentum.

Thousands of people witnessed the success of last year’s bonfire. This success came in many forms. Firstly, fifty or so members of our club spent many hours preparing last year’s event, not just over the Saturday, Sunday and Monday (clearing up day!) but also in all the months previously to make the best of our investment. Secondly, the monies raised made a huge difference to the financial stability of our section and indeed ensure that we can continue to make our financial contribution to the senior club. Thirdly, the enjoyment of everyone who took part in the weekend and celebrating the success afterwards!

There are always big events that cry out for this level of support. Tournament Day 2005, this year’s bonfire, (already being planned for), and others, if we can find support to put them on. Social events take a lot of organising as well. If helping to put on these events doesn’t appeal and yet you enjoy all the club has to offer your family, are you a member? There are several membership opportunities available, social, vice presidents and the300 club (a chance to win some cash as well).

Are you interested in coaching, refereeing and learning more about the game? Coaching and refereeing courses are held throughout the year and are available to all of you. The club pays for these and so all it will cost you is time. Each age group needs a coordinator to aid the coaching team. So if you would like to offer your help we would be very happy to speak to you. Finally on Sunday mornings help is always wanted from the coordinators for the raffle rota in the clubhouse.

PearcecroftAt the end of the season there is the A.G.M. We are always on the lookout for people to take on roles within the Committee. Many of the present officers have spent several years working on it, so some new blood would be very welcome. Don’t be put off by the myths and legends that surround Rugby club committees, (nearly as many as the game itself!). We have support from all sorts, Captains of Industry, Welsh Architects, A Man with a White Van, HR Consultants, and indeed normal folk. Their titles, qualifications and careers matter little; when we get together, it is for the sole purpose of providing the best environment for our children to enjoy Rugby.

Saturday afternoon is a most enjoyable way of supporting the club. Watching the excellent rugby played by the senior sides is always entertaining and we know the senior players enjoy the atmosphere of large and partisan crowd, young or old.

As you can see there are a multitude of ways for you to become involved in the club, all of them enjoyable. Moreover, we only have a club to be proud of thanks to the hard work of the members that have gone before. We need your support as members and volunteers to continue the success into the future.

For any further information speak to your age group coordinator or a member of the Committee.